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Hello. I am glad to see you here. Here is some information.

There are a couple things to do to lock in your date. If you look towards the bottom, you will see what you will receive and how things will run. If you have any questions, please contact us!


Step one


Last Part (also where you select your date)

What is included?

A 45 minute family session at either Nelson's Landing on March 3rd, or Valley of Fire on March 5th. I suggest that you arrive 15 minutes early to both locations. I will send more specific directions closer to the date.

For all that you do you will be gifted a 8x10, 5x7, 8 wallets, and social share digital of your favorite image (one image will fill all of these).

How is works?

You will need to fill out both the form and the make your deposit above to select your date and time.

I will then be in contact beforehand, sending you additional information, and a prep guide for your session.

On our session day, you will arrive 15 minutes early, and we will have a fun filled session.

1-3 weeks after our session, we will meet together to have a viewing and purchasing session. This is where you will pick your favorite image for you complimentary items. This is also the time that you will see all of your completed images. At this point you will decide what additional images you would like to purchase. This decision is not made until the end. So, you buy what you LOVE.


Contact Us.

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